13 Feb 2018

After Hours Most Active for Feb 13, 2018 : GE, MRK, HPQ, BAC, LC, EVTC

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The NASDAQ 100 After Hours Indicator is up 4.48 to 6,558.34. The total After hours volume is currently 47,106,784 shares traded.

The following are the most active stocks for the after hours session :

General Electric Company ( GE ) is +0.02 at $14.69, with 6,824,583 shares traded. GE’s current last sale is 86.41% of the target price of $17.

Merck & Company, Inc. ( MRK ) is +0.0066 at $54.91, with 6,424,251 shares traded. As reported by Zacks, the current mean recommendation for MRK is in the “buy range”.

HP Inc. ( HPQ ) is -0.015 at $20.57, with 2,848,257 shares traded. HPQ’s current last sale is 82.26% of the target price of $25.

Bank of America Corporation ( BAC ) is +0.02 at $31.20, with 2,016,296 shares traded. Over the last four weeks they have had 3 up revisions for the earnings forecast, for the fiscal quarter ending Mar 2018. The consensus EPS forecast is $0.59. As reported by Zacks, the current mean recommendation for BAC is in the “buy range”.

LendingClub Corporation ( LC ) is unchanged at $3.75, with 1,858,679 shares traded.LC is scheduled to provide an earnings report on 2/20/2018, for the fiscal quarter ending Dec2017. The consensus earnings per share forecast is -0.02 per share, which represents a -8 percent increase over the EPS one Year Ago

Evertec, Inc. ( EVTC ) is unchanged at $15.50, with 1,754,989 shares traded. EVTC’s current last sale is 93.94% of the target price of $16.5.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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