We are developing several different cryptocurrencies designed to target the major industries around the world.


New mining technologies that have allowed our affiliates 60% more cryptocurrency generation than anyone else.


Using thousands of proprietary algorithms we are able to trade the cryptocurrency markets to at an unparalleled rate.

Just a few of Our Target Markets

Mining Capabilities

Customized Configuration

We are working to acquire the most robust mining systems possible. By using a proprietary 8 GPU configuration that can not be found anywhere else as well as CPUs, ASIC chips, and HDD we can mine many different cryptocurrencies at once.

We have brought it a step further and have begun to integrate machine learning, neural networks, and other learning capabilities into new technologies such as Docker Images to give us the flexibility to swap out operating systems at a moments notice to mine the most lucrative coin.

Resource Allocation

Trading Resources

News Aggregation
The most difficult part of cryptocurrency trading is determining if the cryptocurrency is just a pump & dump or if there is really a technological edge to it. By combining news articles and blogs across various websites and cross-referencing them to information available on their website we can see if they are indeed pump & dumps or if they possess actual tangible value.
Indicator Creation
By running the collected data that we captured from news/blogs and running it through a sentiment analyzer we can begin to understand how the general public feels about any given coin. In addition, we combine this "score" with other factors such as mathematical formulas, to create dynamic indicators that change parameters based on the inputs we provide.
Automated Trading
Once we have gathered a library full of dynamic indicators all capable of predicting market fluctuations, we can begin to build automated trading strategies by mixing and matching these powerful indicators. Using our powerful artificial intelligence engine, we can begin to genetically optimize and breed these algorithms to develop more powerful and innovative strategies.