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A n individual who has had lots of experience in the fields of technology or finance that can effectively lead a group of programmers, traders, and data scientists and encourage them to work cohesively while maintaining a clear vision of the goals of the collective.

A manager is someone who is capable of seeing the big picture and can use their expertise to implement what needs to be done. This is a great way for individuals to enhance their research while simultaneously increasing the returns of the collective

  • date : 09/03/2016


Being a manager comes with lots of responsibility but also is a very valuable and lucrative experience. By allowed to lead a team of very skilled individuals you can significantly advance your research goals and quickly implement them to see instantaneously see results.

An example of this would be observing the divergence of spreads before a significant trend change. The programmer would design an algorithm to automate the strategy, the trader would implement it across multiple currency pairs and time frames while the data scientist observed the results and figured out ways to optimize the strategy.