our mission

Our objective is to transform individuals
into Computational Finance experts. The job of our collective
is not complete if you have not learned how to properly trade or program.

dedicated support

We are here to guide you every step of the way, but our learning process makes you think for yourself and break through barriers on your own.

Our Systems

We have spent years developing our systems for automated trading. Learn the ins and outs of and put your own unique spin on them

phenomenal returns

Using out carefully crafted learning process, you can yield sky-high results. Automate your strategies, and watch the algorithms do the trading for you.

our process

Application & Interview Process

  • Fill out the application form and go through an interview process with some of our senior level instructors
  • Read the qualifications document and let one of our instructors know which path you would like to choose


Application accepted

  • After the required task is completed and your performance meets our criteria, you immediately start working with an instructor for further training
  • Work with your instructor until your results are continually improving and you are continuously gaining new ground

Due diligence

  • Before advancing to the next step, we ensure that your skills are perfected and that there are no cracks in your foundation
  • Prove to us that you can be a valuable asset to the team by showcasing your skills in a creative way


Introduction to Others

  • Start working with some of our proprietary systems and use utilize our resources
  • Become acquainted with others that have a similar interest as you and begin working as a cohesive group to further your objectives and goals

Join the Team

  • Once you reach step three and you are achieving results, you become an official member of the team!

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Once phase three is reached and results are achieved, one becomes an official member of the team. Some benefits include:

Access to all of the collective’s trades
Use of Private ECN
Access to repository of trading strategies
Indicators Included
Algorithms Provided
Access to all Webinars
Invitation and transportation to collective wide gatherings
Use of Software
Utilize Collective Wide Resources
Unrestricted Use of Cloud Technologies
 Fully customized data feeds and control panels
 Research Assistants
Full access to Source Data Center’s Exchange Server
 Hedge Fund & Trading Certifications
 Funding from $100,000 – $1,000,000

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