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Just a Few of Our Featured Trader's Results

*** Due to confidentiality reasons, we can only show historical returns older than a year

Here at Profit Coder, we emphasize predictability over profitability. Once a system becomes predictable, we can increase the lot sizes and increase the profits ten-fold.

Additionally, by focusing on keeping our Return-to-Drawdown ratio as high as possible, we risk the minimum amount of money to obtain the best returns. If you look at a portfolio 1.88 above, you can see the gain was 87.31% and the drawdown was 22.54%. Meaning that this portfolio made 3.87x what was risked.

All our algorithms are scientifically programmed in a way in which we minimize that ratio (among others) to keep our equity curve as flat as possible. By keeping our drawdown low for each algorithm, we are not concerned when one underperforms. It is statistically impossible for all the algorithms to fail at the same time.

How We Obtain Our Results


All our algorithms have undergone significant backtesting, optimization and for the premier ones, Monte Carlo Simulation. We build everything in-house including our own indicators, our EA’s areĀ unlike anything else. All our algorithms are designed to work on MetaTrader 4 & 5, Ninja Trader, JForex, and more.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Source VPS brings trading efficiency and scalability to an unparalleled level. By leveraging the power of cloud technology, any individual can now trade at an accelerated rate. When trading with a VPS you are no longer connected to local resources. CPU, memory, RAM, networking, and more become virtualized.

Analysis Tools

Utilize data analysis tools that have been developed over years of trading. Through countless bad trades and missed pips we have developed a number of tools designed to identify trends, give advanced statistics on a portfolio and above all, help identify where your strategies could be improved.

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By joining Profit Coder, you receive all aforementioned technologies and also hands-onĀ training to get your results looking similar to those above.